Business Blogs: A Practical Guide
by Bill Ives and Amanda G. Watlington
ISBN#: 0-9766180-0-1  

    Do you know

  • What a blog can bring to your business and how successful early adopters are using blogs?
  • How to integrate blogging into your marketing communications mix?
  • How to choose the right software for your blog?
  • How to write compelling copy so that your readership grows?
  • How to make your blog visible using RSS/XML feeds?

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Business Blogs: A Practical Guide

  70-interviews with successful bloggers for you to learn from
220 page guide, 315 pages of interviews, 700+ links, over 100 illustrations and resources

Table of Contents:
Section One – The Business Side of Blogging
CHAPTER 1 – What’s All The Noise About Blogs?
       CHAPTER 2 – To Blog or Not to Blog
       CHAPTER 3 – Starting your Blog Right
       CHAPTER 4 – Connecting with Your Market
       CHAPTER 5 – Using Blogs Inside your Organization

Section Two – The Technical Side of Blogging
CHAPTER 6 – Selecting Your Blog Platform
       CHAPTER 7 – Getting Noticed
       CHAPTER 8 – Writing for the Web
       CHAPTER 9 – Blog Tools and Services

Section Three: The Blog Cases
CHAPTER 10 – Small to Mid-Size Business
       CHAPTER 11 – Consultants
       CHAPTER 12 – Non-Profit Organizations
       CHAPTER 13 – Individuals in Large Organizations
CHAPTER 14 – Blog Tool and Service Providers